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Hob Sharpening

State of the Art

The Index Advantage

Index Technologies’ exclusive process reconditions your hobs and shapers to meet or typically surpass Industry standards specified by AGMA or DiN. Customers from Mexico, the United States & Canada have made Index their “GO TO” shop for hob, shaper & skiving cutter reconditioning. Here are a few of the advantages you will find with Index Technologies:

Incoming Inspection

Tools are digitally measured and recorded for wear insuring each tool’s stock removal is not beyond what is necessary for a sharp edge. Our customers know we only remove what is necessary insuring maximum tool life is realized by every tool we process. We want your tools sharpened the maximum number of cycles, we are in the business of making your tools last as long as possible.

Customer Communications

We keep our customers informed about tool wear anomalies, over use conditions & if the use of skip zones is applicable. If we determine the tool is exhausted, we advise you at once & return it identified as perished.


All our hob sharpening equipment are CNC Klingelnberg Machines rebuilt & retrofitted by Northeast Technologies. Our Hauser /Index CNC shaper / skive cutter sharpeners were built exclusively for Index Technologies.

Edge Preparation

Index Technologies pioneered edge preparation techniques since 1999. We take as much care in preparing the cutting edge for coating as we do is sharpening the tool, insuring the edge is tuned to provide the maximum benefit from the tool’s coating.

High Performance Tool Coatings

We offer state of art tool coating and stripping capabilities in conjunction with our local Oerlikon Balzers coating facility. We use Oerlikon Balzers exclusively for all multi-layer PVD coatings

Last Steps

After coating every tool is inspected under magnification insuring proper edge characteristics, coating adhesion and customer specified identifications. If requested complete tool certifications are available via our Klingelnberg PNC 30. If it is delivered by our van or common carrier your tools are packed with care insuring a safe arrival at your dock.

Rapid Turnaround

Index has streamlined operations for receiving & incoming inspection having tools qued for processing within hours of receipt. Enabling us to offer 24-hour emergency service when required. Our standard delivery time is the most rapid in the industry.

100% Guaranteed

All of our work comes with our exclusive 100% money-back guaranteed. Every tool is returned to meet or exceed specified class tolerances. This unconditional guarantee ensures that your tools are returned perfectly reconditioned every time.

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30+ years Experience Driving Today’s Technology.

Accurately sharpened hobs are essential in producing high-quality gears. Index Technologies offers precision gearmakers a full array of state-of-the-art resharpening and reconditioning services. You can count on our 30+ years of experience to restore the “like new” quality of every tool we tune HSS / Carbide Hobs, Shapers & Skiving Shapers.

Keeping you sharp since 1999